Music / Songwriters / Bands

5-Track (Guitarist/singer/songwriter/whatever else he does!)

Amanda Jo Williams (country/singer/songwriter)

Art Stucco (Singer/Songwriter)

Bourke and The Revolving Door (Funk/Reggae/Rock/Jazz)

Chachi (Indie Rock Band)

Cosmic Primitive (Indie Label releasing great music)

Gypsy Hawk (Rockin & Rollin' Band)

Highland Sun (Irish band)

Jasper Dickson Revue (Super Sweet Rock N Roll)

John Daversa (Progressive Big Band)

La Santa Maria (Nueva Cumbia)

Mariam John (Soul)

Natasha Wood (Brazilian singer/songwriter)

Ng Ling Kai (Singer/songwriter)

Obedient Wives Club (spectorgaze)

Ramez Iskander (performer/songwriter)

Rough Church (Original band led by Greg Franco)

The Still Moving Project (Original band)
(featuring Greg Aragon & does various covers of beatles n likes)

Tommy Mora (Rock/Pop/Blues singer/songwriter)

Tze (Composer/pianist)

Tze n Looking Glass (fusion of asian & western music)

Waiting On Santa (original Christmas song by The Still Moving Project)

Musician Solo

Aaron Copenhaguen (California)

Leah Zeger (United States)

Meah (Singapore)


Paul Neumann Photography

California Drum Advantage

Los Angeles Music Academy